2020-2023|Drawing, collage, text

While drawing, I search for the holes on the human body from where excretions flow out. And I use my sense of smell to detect these holes. So, when I open my mouth, I only ask those questions that I would often stop myself from asking because what I would say is irrelevant. Just like a fly, I follow the scent without choice.



2020-2023|Dessin, collage, texte

En dessinant, je cherche les trous du corps humain d'où s'écoulent les excrétions. Et j'utilise mon odorat pour détecter ces trous. Alors, quand j'ouvre la bouche, je ne pose que les questions que je m'empêcherais souvent de dire parce que ce que je dirais n'est pas pertinent. Comme une mouche, je suis l'odeur sans choix. 





《Video game player 電動者》

60*27 cm, 2021, collage / chalk / charcoal / carton

Left to right:

《South of Taiwan 港都》

60*42 cm, 2021, acrylic


109.1*78.7, 2020, charcoal / oil pastel

《Photographer 攝影師》

230*100 cm, 2022, chalk / charcoal 

《Transition 轉換》

84*120 cm, 2023, collage / ink / oil pastel

Left to right:

《Border 邊境》

63*46 cm, 2023, charcoal / oil pastel

《Composition of their separation 散的集合》

82*46 cm, 2021, charcoal / oil pastel

《Phenphen tries to speak Chinese 芬芬試著說中文》

109.1*78.7 cm, 2021, collage / chalk / charcoal / sumi

Left to right:

《Ghost talk 幻聽》

100*100 cm, 2022, oil pastel

《Kasa 卡沙》

29.7*42cm, 2022, charcoal

《Internet 網路》

29.7*42cm, 2022, charcoal / arcrylic 

《Real estate, direct marketing, my mom is already gone


104*76 cm, 2020, collage / oil pastel / charcoal 

《We are locked on a high mountain to play online game for years


91*72.5, 2020, charcoal / oil pastel

《True love 真心愛上他》

63*110 cm, 2023, charcoal / oil pastel

《Heater, mahjong, the most hateful couple

暖爐 麻將 最討人厭的夫妻》
91*72.5, 2020, acrylic / charcoal / oil pastel

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